Aug 202013

Customers have been really loving the convenience of HTML access in Horizon View.  This provides a full desktop experience to a web browser with just HTML5 and no plugins, java, flash, etc required.  Very handy for users in many scenarios.  As of the time of this writing, there are some important features in the GUI client that are not available to HTML access.

Here is the functionality you get when using HTML access:

  • RSA SecurID and RADIUS authentication
  • Single SignOn to the desktop
  • Blast display protocol

Here is the functionality you do not get when using HTML access:

  • Printing from the virtual desktop
  • Audio
  • Clipboard support (copying from the endpoint to/from the clipboard in the VM)
  • USB device mapping
  • RDP protocol
  • PCoIP Protocol (HTML uses the Blast Protocol)
  • Smart Cards
  • Multiple monitors
  • Local Mode

For more information you can refer to the HTML Access User’s Guide.  VMware is constantly adding features to View and I expect this list to change.  I will try to revise this article as things change.  If I am outdated in my information, please comment and I’ll get it updated.

Aug 192013

Working with a customer today, they wanted to make some modifications to the Horizon View HTML access page.  Unfortunately, as of this writing, you cannot change the logo to be your company’s logo (hopefully changed soon!).  However, you can change the download link and add/remove the icons for HTML access and the client download.  Here’s how:

On the connection server with HTML access installed, open explorer and navigate to:

CommonAppDataFolder\VMware\VDM\portal\  on W2k8 this directory is C:\ProgramData (you will have to set explorer to show hidden files and folders to see it)

As of the time of this writing, there are 3 settings currently available:

enable.webclient = true/false  -This enables or disables the appearance of the icon for HTML access. = true/false  -This enables or disables the appearance of the download icon to download the GUI client from the web page. = https://url-of-web-server  -This allows you to customize the location of where the client download comes from.  Note here: this does not do any checking of client OS to automatically direct to the right OS version of the client.

Please restart the VMware View Web Component Service after making any changes.

For additional information, please refer to this article with more details on HTML access.

Aug 132013

“The unsung hero of the Horizon Suite” has a new update this week.   Announced last week and then retracted.  This update is just a maintenance release but helpful none the less.  Here’s the What’s New section from the release notes:

Horizon Mirage 4.2.3 is a maintenance release focused on internal mechanisms to enable better handling of storage disconnects.
This version provides the following new features and improvements:

  • Better storage disconnects handling - Horizon Mirage servers now identify high load conditions on storage that can cause disconnects and can throttle down to allow storage utilization to return to normal.
  • SSL configuration option in Horizon Mirage server installation - The IT manager can now configure SSL communication during server installation. There is no need to perform this operation with the Management console after installing.
  • Branch reflector enhancements - The IT manager can better design and monitor branch reflector deployment by simulating the branch reflector selection on endpoints. The IT manager can now click any device from the Management console and see if it has a branch reflector in its vicinity.

You can find the binaries here.

You can find the reviewer’s guide here if you are taking a look for the first time.