Sep 282009

Holy cow!  With the third quarter closing up, VMware and their partners are gearing up with a number of events to kick off the 4th quarter.  I added about 13 events today for October and November in my territory alone.  Check out the events page regularly as I update it often.

For events outside my coverage area (KY, IN, OH, PA), here’s a couple places to check:

VMware’s Partner seminars

VMware’s Alliance Partner Seminars

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Webcasts

Also be sure to check your favorite partner’s website or just ask them if there are any events planned in your area.

Sep 212009

I was going over the KB digest this morning and saw a few KB articles that hit home with a couple issues that customers have been asking me about regarding View.

The first is wondering how an admin can do more advanced things with the View Manager Server.  For instance: assign a default desktop out of a pool to a specific user or  listing orphaned desktops (users that no longer exist or have changed permissions and no longer have access to a desktop in a pool but still have one assigned to them) or cleaning up after removing a secondary View Manager server.  All of these items can be performed by a little-known command line utility included in View called vdmadmin.exe. Continue reading »

Sep 112009

You may remember Lifecycle Manager as the little tool that combats the “sprawl”.  The “sprawl” is what happens when your users find out that you can deploy a new machine in minutes.  That’s when the requests increase dramatically.  Lifecycle Manager (LCM) organizes the requesting process into a very organized workflow.  It also allows you to track inventory of your current VMs to know who the application owner is and how long they need it for. Here’s the What’s New from the release notes: Continue reading »

Sep 072009

View Manager was upgraded late last week.  Here’s the what’s new section from the release notes:

VMware View Manager 3.1.2 is a maintenance release that resolves some known issues in the previous releases. Refer the Resolved Issues section for more details.

This release also includes one new feature.

Virtual Printing Multi Session Support

In this release, the virtual printing (ThinPrint) feature is updated to provide support to the users connected to multiple virtual desktops. With this update, the ThinPrint client enables users to map the printers on each virtual desktop that you are connected to.

You can find the download in the download section here.