Feb 242009

From the what’s new section of  the release notes :

  • Guest Operating System Customization Improvements – VirtualCenter now supports customization of Windows Server 2008 guest operating systems.
  • Performance Overview Charts – VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 4 introduces the Performance Overview plug-in, which provides a single view of key performance metrics for CPU, memory, disk, and network without having to navigate through multiple charts. The aggregated charts show high-level summaries of resource distribution.
    To install the Performance Overview plug-in, see Installing the Performance Overview Plug-In in VirtualCenter 2.5 Update4 (KB 1008296)

Sorry for the short description, tons of news to blog on today……

Feb 242009

Well, it’s public now so I can blog and talk about it.  VMWare will deliver the client hypervisor called CVP (Client Virtualization Platform – rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?).  You can read all of the press release here .

More details to come shortly as they are released pubically.  In the meantime, feel free to ponder what this could mean for desktop OS licensing.

Feb 232009

Have a few to report of the 55 new/updated articles from the week.

Feb 152009

Some interesting things to know in the selection from the 93 KB articles new or updated this past week.  I definitely noticed a number of new articles on Linux Conversions now that Converter 4.0 supports them .

Feb 132009

VMware Converter 4.0 has been released and it’s a biggie.  One particular big feature is now in it, Linux conversions!

From the Release Notes :

The VMware vCenter Converter Standalone release adds several new features including:

  • Physical to virtual machine conversion support for Linux (RHEL, SUSE and Ubuntu) as source
  • Physical to virtual machine conversion support for Windows Server 2008 as source
  • Hot cloning improvements to clone any incremental changes to physical machine during the P2V conversion process
  • Support for converting new third-party image formats including Parallels Desktop virtual machines, newer versions of Symantec, Acronis, and StorageCraft
  • Workflow automation enhancements to include automatic source shutdown, automatic start-up of the destination virtual machine as well as shutting down one or more services at the source and starting up selected services at the destination
  • Target disk selection and the ability to specify how the volumes are laid out in the new destination virtual machine
  • Destination virtual machine configuration, including CPU, memory, and disk controller type

The following features are no longer supported:

  • NT4 hot cloning
  • ESX 2.5 destination

You can find the download for converter here .