Dec 292008

This question is about to come up again so I can see multiple posts coming in the future on it.  Intel’s Nehalem Processor is adding HyperThreading back into the chips so you can expect more posts on this topic in the near future.  I have not reviewed HT on Nehalem so I don’t know all of the changes that have been made to HT (if any).  This is the position I have responded with in the past:

There are pros and cons to using HT in ESX. Continue reading »

Dec 272008

It may be Christmas week but that does not stop the VMware support team.  Here’s a couple that are new or updated this past week that I thought were good:

Dec 232008

An Editorial from The VMguy:

When I was 5 years old my mother took me to a Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor because I was having trouble hearing.  The doctor sat me down and looked at my ears and saw fluid behind my eardrums.  He put a set of tubes in my ears (still a very common practice today) to drain the fluid and sent me on my way.  I remember how much better I could hear almost immediately.  "I was cured", I thought.  What a great doctor I have! "These tubes will fall out on their own in about a year," my doctor told me.  "You won’t even know when."

I can assure you that they did fall out about a year after they were put in.  I know this because my hearing problem came back again.  This is also somewhat common as some children need a second treatment before they grow out of this typically childhood issue.  Again my mother took me into my ENT for his diagnosis.  He responded with the same diagnosis and treatment.  Another set of tubes was inserted in my ears and I was on my way.  This process continued for the next 20 years with the same doctor inserting over 7 sets of tubes in my ears. Continue reading »

Dec 192008

Here’s a few that are new or updated this week for SMB customers that I thought had really good value:

Dec 182008

This economy has been challenging for many.  Many are saying that this is the worst recession since the early 70s.  I myself, don’t remember that one very well.  I was only about 4 at the time.  I’m really starting to see customers watch their budgets closely.  Many are approaching this recession to just stop everything and wait to see what will happen.  Some of you may have realized that you can’t stop forever.  Business goes on.  Some companies I visit are on to the second stage.  They realize this is going to be a longer recession so they are cutting costs wherever possible.  Projects being cut, 401k matches being suspended, travel restrictions in place, etc.  Continue reading »