Nov 272008

Thanks to Ryan for sending in this request.  As many of you know, when you install Virtual Center (VC) in your environment it requires a database.  By default, you may use SQL or Oracle.  If you do not have a database server handy, you can use the included MS SQL 2005 Express database engine.  This included SQL Express engine is supported by VMware in production environments up to 5 physical ESX hosts or 50 Virtual Machines.

What happens when we outgrow that?  Can we upgrade in-place?  The good news is, yes you can. Continue reading »

Nov 272008

For those in the U.S, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  Have a safe and happy holiday and enjoy black Friday if you are planning on starting you’re holiday shopping.  Much to my wife’s dismay, I typically wait until the last minute.  At any rate, make the most of the family time together, many of us don’t get much of it these days.

Nov 262008

What is Distributed Power Management you ask?  DPM is used in your Virtual Infrastructure when the physical hosts are at very low utilization levels.  During the night or on the weekends, if I have 8 nodes in a cluster and each of the nodes are running at 10% utilization, that is not a very good use of resources.  DPM will vMotion (Live Migrate) your virtual machines to a subset of hosts and power down the hosts that are not needed.  I do not have many customers doing this with server workloads.  I do see a lot more interest in DPM from customers using Virtual Desktops.  Think about it, if I run 8 physical hosts to run all of my desktops in my virtual infrastructure, what happens at 5pm on Friday?  Continue reading »